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Prieto Battery

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Prieto Battery

Presentation Day and Time
Thursday, February 17, 2022
1:45 pm (MST)

Prieto is developing an advanced 3-dimenionsal (3D), rechargeable, solid-state lithium-ion battery for use in electric vehicles and industrial markets such as power tools and lawn equipment. Prieto’s batteries will have higher energy density than today’s Li-ion batteries. which translates to longer ranges in electric vehicles and longer operating times in other devices. Prieto’s batteries can be charged in 3 to 15 minutes and can operate in temperature ranging from -30 oC to 120 oC. In addition, Prieto’s batteries will be safer than traditional Li-ion batteries, since they use a solid polymer electrolyte versus a liquid electrolyte, thus eliminating possible thermal runaways and fires.

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