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Gary Climate Solutions

Gary Climate Solutions is a Carbon Capture and Storage developer focused on generating high-integrity carbon offsets. We partner with industrial emitters to provide a turnkey solution for capturing, transporting and permanently storing carbon dioxide through geologic sequestration at, or close to, the emission source. We believe...

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Nabors logo


Nabors Industries (NYSE: NBR) is a leading provider of advanced technology for the energy industry. With operations in approximately 20 countries, Nabors has established a global network of people, technology and equipment to deploy solutions that deliver safe, efficient and responsible energy production. By leveraging...

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ENGAGE’s mission is to simplify the B2B transaction process by automating financial workflows. Simply digitizing paper processes has been commercialized by many solutions, however, ENGAGE is the first to use predictive scheduling and data validation to reduce touchpoints and eliminate redundant processes, thus changing the...